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2014 Hazardous Materials Training Conference



The Massachusetts Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians has announced that this year’s training conference is being held September 17 - 19 at the Radisson Hotel Plymouth Harbor. Hotel rooms have been reserved at the special rate of $117 per day, single or double occupancy. For hotel information or room registration call 508-747-4900, (mention you are attending the conference). The conference format includes a general session each day and a variety of breakout sessions in the response area. Lunches and breaks are included in the registration fee.

Planning sessions under development include:

Biosafety Laboratory Levels
Bulk Transportation of Compressed Natural Gas
CAMEO, CAMEO Chemicals
Cargo Tank Emergency Response
Cargo Tank Emergency Response
Challenging Threesome
Chemical Agents - Exposure Relationship (Part 2)
Chemical Agents - Scene Environment (Part 3)
Chemistry Refresher
Chlorine Leak Mitigation - Chlorine & Midland Kits
Clandestine Drug Labs: Update & Current Trends
Commercial Explosives
Compressed Gas and Leak Containment
Compressed Gas Safety and Emergency Response
Dealing with Overfilled, Reacting or Overpressurizing Vessels
Effects of Nuclear Weapons/ Industrial Radiation
Energetic Materials
Energy Releasing Materials
Executive Order #13650
Hazard Overview of Chemical Agents (Part 1)
Haz-Mat Safety Officer
Historical Perspective, Hazmat in New England
HME Trends and Update
How Smart is your Hazmat Team?
Introduction of MARPLOT 5
Introduction of Microbiology
Jack Rabbit Project
LNG Powered Vehicles
MC331 Tank Trucks
Next Generation Technologies
Nuclear & Radiological Threats
Pick Your Poison
Pipeline Trasnportation of Hazardous Materials
Practical Use of CAMEO Suite
Propane Transportation - MC331
Propane, DOT, ASME Leak Controls
Pyrophorics, What Are They?
Radiation/ Radiological Response Basics
Response To Laboratory Incidents
Risk Based Response
Street Smart Meters
Taming the Tiger - Anhydrous Ammonia
Truck Transportation of Propane
Understanding Hazard and Risk

This event is co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians in partnership with Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), Massachusetts Department of Fire Services Hazardous Materials Response Program, and others. Check frequently for latest information.

A special room rate of $117 per night is being offered for conference attendees at the Radisson.

Mark your calendars!!

Conference Information & Registration Forms:  (UPDATED 7-23-14)

This section will be updated frequently.  Please check back soon for up to date information!

Vendor Registration Form (PDF File)
Outside Registration Form (PDF File)
MAHMT Associate Application Form (PDF File)
Hotel Registration Form (PDF File)
Sponsorship Menu (PDF File)
Daily Schedule (PDF File)
Conference Schedule (PDF File)
www.plymouthguide.com Plymouth area visitor's guide

For more information call:            

Mike Castro, Conference Coordinator
617-527-8029 voice  OR  617-527-6706 FAX



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